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Florida Sun and Surf Realty Group

Settling in to Your New Home

Help With Acclimating to Your New Florida Home

If you're planning a move to the Sunshine State, the first order of business is finding a house to call home. Laura O'Brien of Florida Sun and Surf Realty Group can help you purchase your dream property. However, getting a house is just the first step in settling into your new community. These resources can help you make a successful transition.


Upgrade Your New Home with Simple Fixes

 Properties are rarely "perfect" when you buy them. A few tweaks will upgrade your space.


Identify Practical Support Services In Your New Community

Create an administrative checklist for local goods and services.


Take Steps to Integrate Into Your Community Emotionally

Connecting with locals in your new neighborhood will help you feel at home.

  • Make a point of getting to know your neighbors. For example, you can host a casual gathering once you've moved in.
  • Use neighborhood apps like Nextdoor to connect with local area inhabitants.
  • Take steps to support your new community, for instance by building a free library or setting up a food swap.
  • Find local events using a platform like Eventbrite, giving you more opportunities to get to know your area and the people who live in it. Another valuable resource is your City's Parks and Recreation website and calendar. Many such links can be found here.

Moving to a new home is always exciting. However, it can also be nerve-wracking. Proper preparation will help alleviate your nerves and ensure you don't miss any important items on your to-do list. The above resource guide is here to help.

A special thank you to Paul Denikin for developing this page!